Bangladesh: Revision and Alignment of National Action Program (NAP) with UNCCD 10-years Strategic Plan and Framework

Curriculum Vitae


2. Date of birth: 1st November 1966

3. Nationality: Bangladeshi

4. Present address: Deputy Director (Water & Bio.)

Department of Environment

E-16, Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar

Dhaka – 1207

Tel. 8802-8181777 (office)


Fax.:88-02-8181772 or

5. Academic Background:


i) Kyoto University, Japan -Doctor of Agricultural Science

(2000 – 2005)

Major : Plant morphogenesis

Key features include :

· Leaf morphogenesis and anisophyllous leaf development.

· Plant response to habitat light environment.

  • Ecological significance of diversity of leaf forms.

ii) Bangladesh Agricultural University -Master of Science (Ag.) in Soil Science


Major subjects : Soil Survey & Classification, Soil chemistry, Soil Microbiology, Soil Physics & Mineralogy

iii) Bangladesh Agricultural University


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Hons.)

(1985 – 1988)

Major subjects : Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Crop Botany, Genetics & Plant Breeding, Entomology, Plant Pathology

iv) Rajshahi College

Higher Secondary Certificate (Science)

(1983 – 1984)

Major subjects : Physics, Chemistry and Biology

v) Rohanpur A B High School

Secondary School Certificate (Science)

(1981 –1982)

Major subjects : Physics, Chemistry and Biology


6. Current employer:

Department of Environment (DoE)

Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF)

Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

6.1 From July 1996 to March 2005: Designation: Assistant Director (Technical)

Department of Environment (DoE), HQ

6.2 From April 2005 to Dec. 2005 : Designation: Deputy Director (In Charge) &

Head of Rajshahi Divisional Office, DoE

6.3 From Jan. 2006 to Feb. 2007 : Designation: Assistant Director (Technical), DoE, HQ

6.4 From Feb. 2007 to April 2008: Designation: Deputy Director (Technical), DoE, HQ

6.5 From May 2008 to Jan. 2009 : Designation: Deputy Director (Enforcement)

Dhaka Divisional Office, DoE

6.6 From Feb. 2009 to Dec. 2011: Designation: Deputy Director (NRM), DoE, HQ

6.7 From Jan. 2011 to date : Designation: Deputy Director (Water & Bio.), DoE, HQ


7. Expert works:

7.1 Working on United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) as an expert member of MEA Cell (Multilateral Environment Agreement Cell) in the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The MEA Cell also deals with other conventions and protocols.

7.2 Working as a member of technical committees in different government organizations e.g. Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute, Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) Committee (DoE, HQ), Steering committee, Environmental Sustainable Water Supply Project, Technical Committee, Bangladesh Water Act 2013.

7.3 Conservation of natural resources through industrial pollution control by enforcing Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act 1995 (amendment 2010) and Environment Conservation Rules 1997.

7.4 Serving as Member secretary of the Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) Management Cell.

7.5 Serving as National Science and Technology Correspondent (STC) to United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

7.6 Reporting Officer of the UNCCD 5th National Report


8. Policy/Rules/Guidelines formulation/review works:

8.1 Development of policy guideline for inclusion of biodiversity issues into the EIA process.

8.2 Development of post release monitoring protocol for Transgenic crops.

8.3 Formulation of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) checklist for industries/projects.

8.4 Formulation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) checklist for industries/projects.

8.5 Formulation of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) checklist for building construction.

8.6 Review of The Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act, 1995 for amendment.

8.7 Development of Brick Kiln Policy 2008.

8.8 Development of Guidelines for issuance of Environmental Clearance Certificate to Environmental Laboratory 2012.

8.9 Development of National Environment Policy 2014 (draft).

8.10 Development of Industrial Sludge Management Guidelines 2014 (draft).

9. Computer Skills: MS Office, SPSS, Y-Plant


10. Research Activities:

10.1 Determination of effect of Bo, Cu and Mo on grain setting of Wheat. Main objective was soil management followed by soil quality assessment. (Jan. – Dec. 1993)

10.2 Deputed to Kyoto University (Oct. 2000 – March 2005) for PhD

  • Research on Eco-development of forest understorey species (Acucuba japonica Thunb.)
  • Associated with group research on plant growth dynamics in the experimental forest of Kyoto University.
  • Participated in research work on impact of forest animals on plant biodiversity and productivity.
  • Involved in works on forest insect ecology.

10.3 Focal Point of the study of impacts of atmospheric Ozone on crops under Male' Declaration.

10.4 Postdoctoral research at Ishikawa Prefectural University, Japan (May-August, 2010) on-

  • Distribution of Aucuba japonica in two contrasting geobotanical regions of Japan: An analysis of mode of adaptation.

11. Project Implementation:

11.1 UNCCD 4th Reporting and Review Cycle, Bangladesh.

11.2 “Improving Water Testing Services” a South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF)-DoE joint project.

11.3 Research coordination of the following projects of DoE:

· Study the impacts of Cyclone Aila and Sidr on biophysical environment in the coastal areas of Bangladesh

  • Study on E-wastes: Identification of threats and mitigation options
  • Study on Food contaminants and health hazards

11.4 DoE Focal Person of the research project “Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA)” coordinated by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) (on going)

11.5 Project Director of Bangladesh: Revision and Alignment of National Action Program (NAP) with UNCCD 10-Year Strategic Plan and Framework project (ongoing)

11.6 DoE Focal Person of the project “Decision Support for Mainstreaming and Scaling up of Sustainable Land Management” – an umbrella project comprising 15 countries coordinated by FAO.

12. Teaching Activities:

12.1 Worked as teaching assistant in Kyoto University (March 2002 – March 2005).

12.2 Industrial pollution, land degradation and international conventions. Department of Geography and Environment, Dhaka University (occasional).

12.3 Agricultural pollution and its impact on riverine ecosystems. Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM), BUET (occasional).

12.4 Forest Ecology. Ishikawa Prefectural University, Japan (May – August 2010).

12.5 Member of “Resource Person Pool” formed by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh ADB funded projects in Bangladesh.


13. Major publications (research) :

13.1 Ali, M. S. (1995). Effects of different rates and methods of boron application on wheat. (Masters thesis)

13.2 Ali, M. S. and Kikuzawa, K. (2005). Anisophylly in Aucuba japonica Thunb. (Cornaceae): An outcome of spatial crowding in the bud. Can. J. Bot. 83:143-154

13.3 Ali, M. S. and Kikuzawa, K (2005). Plasticity in leaf area density within the crown of Aucuba japonica growing under different light levels. J. P. Res. 118: 307 - 318

13.4 Ali, M. S. and Kikuzawa, K (2005). Shoot morphology of Aucuba japonica incurred by anisophylly: Ecological implications. J. P. Res. 118: 329 – 338

13.5 Ali, M. S. and Kikuzawa, K (2012). Responses of different phytoelements to habitat light level and their dynamic convergence towards crown development of Aucuba japonica Thunb. J. Ecol. Field Biol. 35(3):177-188

13.6 Ali, M. S. and Kikuzawa, K (2013). Distribution of Aucuba japonica in two contrasting geobotanical regions of Japan: An analysis of adaptation mode. J. Ecol. Environ. 36(3):173-181

14. Other publications :

14.1 Role of EIA in economic development: Bangladesh context, The Independent, 05.06.1998

14.2 Post Flood Impact on Social Security, Observer Magazine, 01.08.1999

14.3 Sustainable Development (Souvenir: World Environment Day 1999, DoE)

14.4 In the light of Community Ecology (Souvenir: World Environment Day 2006, DoE)

14.5 Desertification: Slow onset of an Irreversible Disaster, The Daily Star, 01.19.2007

14.6 Gulshan Lake: An Ecologically Critical Area, The Daily Star, 19.10.2007

14.7 Tropospheric Ozone vs. Food Security: Bangladesh Context (Souvenir: World Environment Day, 2008)

14.8 Regional Water Conservation Essential for Sustainable Production of Ecosystem (Souvenir: World Environment Day 2011, DoE)

14.9TSUKUBA DECLARATION: RELEVANCE TO BANGLADESH (Souvenir: World Environment Day 2012, DoE)

15. Professional Membership :

15.1 Life Member, JICA Alumni Association, Dhaka, Bangladesh

15.2 Member, Krishibid (Agriculturist) Institution, Farmgate, Dhaka, Bangladesh

15.3 Member, Executive Committee, Environment and Population Research Center (EPRC), Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh